Data Rush

Unlimited Data

Memo Time (seconds)

Recall Time (seconds)

No Penalty!

Memo Time

2 minutes to memorize as many business cards as possible. Each card consists besides the photo out of the following information:

  1. First Name
  2. Second Name
  3. Profession
  4. Phone Number (8 digits)
  5. Street
  6. House Number (1-3 digits)
  7. ZIP Code (5 digits)
  8. City (all capitols and above million citizens)

Recall Time

5 minutes to recreate the information on each memorized business card. Only the photo will be visible as a reminder. It is possible to have only parts of each cards but this will heavily influence the scoring. All text based fields except the names will offer a dropdown selection to pick the right answer. It is therefore impossible to make spelling mistakes for the profession, street and city. A wrongly spelled name on the other hand is a wrong input.


There is no penalty for a wrong information, it will just be omitted from the result. Every correctly filled in data will give one point. The points of each card will be multiplied with themselves.

For example: 8 correct fields give 8×8=64 points. Are only two information correct the result will be 2×2=4. It is therefore important to have as many facts of each card as possible, to get the highest score. This will prevent athletes from only memorizing their favourite kind of data.

The highest score wins!

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