Memo Puzzle

Puzzle Pieces

Memo Time (seconds)

Recall Time (seconds)

Penalty Time (seconds)

Memo Time

5 minutes to memorize the position of 40 equal-sided rectangles dividing an image. These puzzle pieces will be shown in a highlight field according to their position number going from 01 to 40. The highlight field can be navigated in four directions. A timer can be stopped after memorizing all pieces.

Recall Time

5 minutes to assign all 40 puzzle pieces to their original position number. The highlighted pieces are randomly shuffled. An overview map shows the athletes which pieces already have been assigned but they will never see more of the original image than the currently highlighted piece.

It is not possible to jump directly to a specific puzzle piece that has been assigned already. This will avoid the possibility of mere puzzling. If the same position is assigned to two different pieces, the second one will replace the first one. The logged out piece will be put at the end of the cue, while the confused position is marked red.


Correct answers will be marked green, wrong answers will be marked red and omitted answers will be greyed out.

To the memo time a penalty time of 7,5 seconds for each wrong or omitted answer will be added. This time results from the following formula:

300 seconds / 40 pieces = 7,5 seconds

It is possible the get a final time, which is higher than the actual maximum of 5 minutes memo time. The highest possible time will be 10 minutes. This can only happen if an athlete needs the entire 5 minutes memo time and gets 0 correct answers (300 seconds + (40 x 7,5 seconds) = 600 seconds).

Demo Puzzle

Use the arrows in the gallery on the right to slide through all 40 memo pieces. You can also click on a piece to highlight it and then use the arrow keys to navigate.

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