Top 10 Board Games for College Students

Board games exist for many years now, and quite a number of them are popular among college students. Even with the demanding college studies, setting some time aside to play board games isn't a bad idea.
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Looking for board games to get acquainted with? The following list highlights 10 board games for teenagers or college students in general:

• Bucket of Doom

In the Bucket of Doom game, the players are required to think outside the box so as to get themselves out of dangerous or unpleasant situations. To get the winning card, you have to come up with a unique escape plan given.

Game Night in a Can

This type of board game is ideal for dorm parties in college. The can comes with a spinner that is hit to find the first host, and it consists of a total of 30 exciting games. In Game Night in a Can, the cards are spread, and the ost chooses one and reads out the game they will be playing.

• Invasion From Outer Space

This board game has you and the rest of playmates trying to save mankind by having to play against aliens made of plastic. The theme for the board game is mostly that of a funhouse, amusement park, among other attractions.

• Exploding Kittens

The participants draw cards until one of them draws an exploding kitten, a sign that they have lost the game. The fewer the cards get, the closer a player is to drawing an exploding kitten.

• Spyfall

In this game, players get cards that dictate the location they are in. They can be a pirate ship or casino, and one player gets the spy card. Players then proceed to question one another in relation to the location, and the spy has to pay attention to figure out what the location could be so that when it's their time to ask a question, their identity isn’t discovered.

• What Do You Meme

It all about out-meming your friends in this board game. To win this game, you need to pair cards with the best meme caption.

• Billionaire Banshee

How low can you stoop when it comes to your dating standards? In this case, it is up to your playmates in this game to decide. The game consists of quirk and perk cards, and a player is supposed to turn them so that other players can have a look at their weird date combination. They then have to vote secretly to decide if the player would really date the combination.

• Pandemich

Forces are joined in this board game in a bid to stop impending global pandemics that are about to wipe out the entire human race.

• Forbidden Island

This game also requires the effort of every player involved, and what is required of them is to rescue a total of four sacred treasures (Ocean’s Chalice, Statue of the Wind, Crystal of Fire, and Earth Stone) before they sink beneath.

• Cards Against Humanity

Talk of black cards and white cards when it comes to this game. The black ones consist of unflattering questions that are supposed to be answered using white cards.

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